enz® nozzles with forward impact angle of approx. 45° on the pipe wall as well as a front jet (on request) and 3 retro-thrust jets cause a cork-screw-like advance through the clogged pipe. While the front nozzles loosens and the semi-radial nozzles disintegrate the residues, the thrust nozzles are driving the nozzle head forwards and simultaneously pushing the waste material backwards.


  • Core-flushing of the steel pipes during hydraulic thrust-boring
  • Cleaning of house connecting pipework from inside to the drain system
  • Removal of ice in manholes

Enter your jetter specifications below so we can make sure your nozzle is drilled / dialed in to your jetters specifications.

NPT size of your jetting hose.
Enter the length of your jetting hose.
Max working pressure of your hydro jetter.
Gallons Per Minute of your hydro jetter.
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