The radial rotating nozzles enz® are equipped with 4 radial jets of 75° for the pipe cleaning and 3 thrust jets for the advance which at the same time flush away the loosened residues. As a result, pipe ducts of all kinds, even with vertical borings etc., will be cleaned.

The moving part of the enz® nozzle rotates at a limited speed. These water jets hit the pipe wall directly with great impact, striking every corner, every dead end, every lateral pipe.


  • Cleaning of drain pipes
  • Cleaning of lateral pipes
  • Removal of solid deposits

Enter your jetter specifications below so we can make sure your nozzle is drilled / dialed in to your jetters specifications.

NPT size of your jetting hose.
Enter the length of your jetting hose.
Max working pressure of your hydro jetter.
Gallons Per Minute of your hydro jetter.
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