Oil Change & Maintenance


Fluids & filters should be changed on a routine basis in order to maintain top performance of your hydro jetter. All makes and models.

Pump Repair & Rebuild


One symptom of a hydro jetter pump going bad is a loss of water pressure. We can service, repair, replace, and rebuild your hydro jetter pump.

Control Box & Electrical


Having problems starting your jetter? Buttons or switches not working? We can diagnose and solve issues with your jetter control box & electrical.

Water Filter

A water filter strains standard water particles & debris before fluid enters a pump. It is important to keep the filter clean. We stock replacement filters.

Water Tank

A water tank can get dirty and have build up inside. We can help clean it out. It is important to keep it clean so debris and buildup don’t get into the water system.

Corroded Fittings


Corroded fittings can leak and cause serious injury. We stock replacement fittings for various makes and models of replacement fittings.

Worn Out Jetter Hose


The high pressure hose on your hydro jetter can take a beating over time. It should be replaced when worn out to avoid injury.

Leaking Fittings


Leaking fittings can cause injury or loss of pressure. We stock replacement fittings for various makes and models hydro jetters.

Cabinet Latch

Cabinet latches can wear down over time and should be replaced to secure your hydro jetter nozzles and tools. We can replace faulty latches.

Running Lights

Side marker lenses can become brittle over time or may get damaged due to multiple reasons. We have replacement lenses and lights available.

Water Selector


A common symptom of a bad water selector (Manual / Auto) is you will be unable to turn off the water. We can rebuild bad water selectors.

Throttle & Actuator


Having issues with your throttle on your tow behind hydro jetter. A common cause of throttle issues can be with the actuator.