Cracked LCD Screen


Is your sewer camera monitor LCD or LED screen cracked? We can repair most brands of LCD / LED screens. Replacement screens available.

Distorted Picture


Does your sewer camera monitor have a distorted image or picture? We can resolve this issue on various brands of LCD’s / LED’s monitors.

Power on issues


Having issues powering on your sewer monitor? Possible causes could be a bad PCB board, fuse, loose wire. We can diagnose and solve the issue.

No Picture


Is your sewer monitor not showing picture while connected to your sewer camera reel? There are various reasons why this can happen. We can solve the problem.

CRT Monitor


Do you have a older CRT sewer monitor that is having issues? Depending on the issue with the monitor it may be more cost effective to upgrade to LCD.

Worn Out Switches


Sewer monitor switches can wear down over time from use or being exposed to water. We can diagnose and replace any faulty switches on your sewer monitor.

Firmware / Software Update


Newer sewer monitors may require a firmware or software update. Let us update your sewer monitor to the latest version to prevent any issues or bugs.